Wyeth/Tootle Mansion

Wyeth/Tootle Mansion

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The Wyeth/Tootle Mansion is located at 1100 Charles, in St. Joseph, Missouri. Wyeth, in 1879.The Wyeth/Tootle Mansion was designed by Eckel and Mann Architects in the Gothic style, with input from the Wyeths, who had gathered their own ideas about what they wanted, on a tour of Europe. The mansion is highlighted by its beautiful walnut woodwork in the main hall and the stained glass windows on the stair landings.The mansion was the home of the Wyeth family until 1887, when it was purchased by Mrs. Members of the Tootle family lived in the mansion until 1946.Recently, the Wyeth/Tootle Mansion was restored by the staff of the St. Joseph Museum. The majority of the first floor and a bedroom on the second floor was restored to its former Victorian elegance.

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