Were Korea and Tibet's relationship with Qing China similar?

Were Korea and Tibet's relationship with Qing China similar?

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Korea (Joseon) and Tibet both paid tribute to the Qing Empire, while maintaining internal autonomy. However, Chinese Nationalists were happy to support the independence of Korea, but not that of Tibet. Was there any difference between the relationship between Korea-China and Tibet-China before 1897?

Edited in response to a few comments: As someone in the comments has mentioned, Wikipedia has separate discussions on each of the two relationships (Tibet under Qing Rule and Manchu Invasion of Korea). Another response on Stackexchange on Tibet says that it was always administered separately. The only thing that came out of these links is that while Tibet actually had around 2000 or so Qing soldiers stationed, Korea did not. The key question here is: did the Qing soldiers actively enforce the Emperor's direct administrative orders in Tibet? And if they indeed do so, how often was this done?

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